• Support for SharePoint 2013
  • Compatible with the OLEDB for OLAP provider for MS Analysis Services 2012

  • Support for Internet Explorer 9
  • Automatic configuration of COM+ disabled when upgrading on 32 bit systems
  • Bug fixes related to Internet Explorer 9
  • Bug fixes related to graph rendering

  • Support for MS Windows Sharepoint Services ver 4 (Sharepoint Foundation 2010 / WSS v4 / Office 2010)
  • Possibility to run webpart wizard locally on 64-bit SharePoint server
  • Automatic creation of COM+ application when installing on 64-bit systems
  • Warning when using local data source

  • Improved performance due to reduced OpenSchema requests
  • Compatible with the OLEDB for OLAP provider for MS Analysis Services 2008
  • New Danish localization resource file
    Displays DSP web part menus and messages in Danish.
  • Possible to set width and height on filter popup
    Use the caption field in the wizard to set width and height. The first position is caption, the second is width ant the third is height, separated by colon (<caption>:<width>:<height>).
  • Tree view in dimension step in Web Part Wizard and Analysis Wizard
  • Improved copy webpart functionality – identifying webparts by WPQ number instead of Uid of webpart
  • New Impersonate settings
  • Corrected error message when server side data source is missing
  • Corrected impersonation when using local data sources
  • Corrected handling of Calculated measures in actions
  • Corrected behavior for Copy web part when using non standard characters in data
  • Corrected handling of Export to Excel 2007 from OWC 2003 SP1

  • Support for MS Windows Sharepoint Services ver 3 (WSS v3 / MOSS / Office 2007)
  • Support for MS Windows 64 Bit Operating System on the SharePoint Server
  • Support for ASP.Net 2.0
  • New Arabic localization resource file
    Displays DSP web part menus and messages in Arabic.
  • Improved Cache handling
    The cache did not work correctly with SharePoint and OLAP on different servers and with mismatching system clocks.
  • Improved handling of members with an ‘ in the uniquename
  • Improved upgrading of dashboards from earlier versions
    Upgrading existing dashboards to version 4.3 could cause an error on filter web parts due to missing default alignment settings. Version 4.5 will set the alignment of filter web parts to left by default when upgrading from earlier versions.
  • Corrected launching of Knosys ProClarity 6.1/6.2
  • Corrected handling of negative values on the Gauge Chart
  • Corrected behavior of automatic scaling on the Column Chart
    The chart web part will not render negative values on the Y-axis when no negative values exists.
  • Corrected of Dutch localization resource file
    Displays DSP web part menus and messages in Dutch.

  • Server defined data sources
    Enables you to have data sources defined server side which make it easier when changing from a development, test or production environment.
    See Server defined data sources for how to configure.
  • Cross page filtering
    Enables you to pass filter values between pages.
    See example Cross page filtering
  • New token to use when referring to selected filter members
    Token _FILTERTUPLE_.Item(<index>) enables you to refer to any selected member in the filter selector.
  • Filter Selector shows current selection in drop down
    Selected member highlighted with bold text
  • Gauge values on band limits
    Values on the gauge are now placed on each band.

    See Gauge values on band limit for how to configure.
  • Possibility to disable Detail Link
  • Connection information displayed in Wizard
    Used Server, Database and cube displayed as information in wizard.

  • New Gauge layout and functionality.
  • Cube defined Actions available in web parts.
  • Tree view in Filter Web part.
  • Possible to Configure axis to change members upon filter changes.
  • Specify no of columns for Column/line web part.
  • Current filter provided to Detail Link resource.
  • Manual values for Min and Max.
  • Hide locked dimensions.
  • Last used series color set is saved.
  • Vertical display of dimensions in Filter Web Part.
  • Filter Selector preset selected member upon page user.
  • Specify caption header for first column in table.
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