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This is a list of all reference documentation. If you would like to learn the product you might prefer the “how-to” approach of the User Guide or the Training Curriculum.

Reference guide Content
Terminology Specific terminology for PBN
About this wiki Using, contributing to and understanding this wiki documentation
Translation Understanding and contributing to language versions of this wiki documentation
Release notes Release Notes and other release specific information.
System requirements Technical requirements for server and clients.
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Reference guide Content
Canvas Functionality Explains the common functionality of the different canvases
Visual Analysis Visual Analysis tool reference
Right-click Menus Explains the right-click menus in Canvas Explorer.
Web 2.0 Canvas Explains the specific functionality of the Web 2.0 Canvas.
SharePoint Canvas Explains the specific funtionality of the SharePoint Canvas.
Reference guide Content
Pre-Smartphone Explains the specifics of the Mobile Canvas in non Smartphones
Smart phone Explains how to use Performance Canvas for smart phones
iPad Explains how to best use Performance Canvas on an iPad
Reference guide Content
Canvas Designer Performance Canvas Design Studio reference.
Visual Analysis Visual Analysis tool reference
Gem types Gem types reference
Chart types and properties Chart types and properties list
Chart properties reference list Chart properties reference list
Table Gem Table Gem reference
Mashboard elements Mashboard elements reference
Slicers Detailed description for the Slicer wizard
Filter block Detailed description for how to use Slicers and configure Filter blocks on a Canvas
Menus on Gems while designing a Canvas Menus on Gems in the Canvas Designer
MDX gems Using MDX to create gems (advanced)
MDX functions Supported MDX functions (advanced)
Reference guide Content
Installation Installation of Performance Canvas 2009
Administration Administration console reference.
Administration Console: General Server related tools and setups.
Administration Console: Taxonomy Setup and configuration of the taxonomy.
Administration Console: Security Setup and configuration of security for different topologies.
Administration Console: Roles Setup and configuration of roles.
Administration Console: Data sources Setup and configuration of data sources.
Administration Console: Approval Setting of approval status for user objects.
Advanced Administration Advanced administration and customization features.
Reference guide Content
The third generation dashboards and scorecards Key PBN concepts.
Examples Good examples of Performance dashboards and scorecards.
Performance Dashboard reading Sources for additional knowledge.
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