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This PBN documentation is online only and tightly integrated with best practices, FAQ and our education curriculum. Since the documentation is in a wiki format we welcome our advanced users to register and contribute. Finding your way in this documentation is very intuitive. All the green words are links to other pages. To navigate within the page just click in the upper right “Table of Contents”.

Top right corner always returns you to this page

IMPORTANT: If you ever get lost just click on the title “Performance Canvas” in the upper right corner of the screen to get right back to this page.

If you are one of our partners or advanced users and would like to be able to contribute to this documentation by directly editing, please send a request for edit credentials. Another way of contributing is of course by sending an email to us.

Any contributions you make will be an integral part of this documentation and by contributing you resign any rights to the contribution and accept that all rights you may have to your contribution are transferred to DSPanel. DSPanel has the rights to all published material in this documentation and will without any notice be edit or change the documentation, including user submissions.

This wiki uses the excellent DokuWiki platform by Andreas Gohr.

This PBN documentation is partially translated. The language selector in the upper right corner on all pages in the documentation. Existing translations are shown in blue, missing translations are gray.

Only languages manually configured by the administrator are shown in the selector. If you would like to contribute by adding translation to a language not shown in the language selector, please send an email to and we will promptly assist you in getting started.

More reading about Translation.

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