Configuration of the system involves connecting to different types of datasources, the approval process for gems and slicers and other IT system setup related tasks. For more information on this topic take a look at the Related documents.

The default security model after installation is anonymous. If you would like to change this to one of the other security models please refer to the security section of the Administration console.

If you need more information on different security models and their implications please refer to the Security section.

Performance Canvas uses XMLA to access cubes. To access your own cubes you have to configure your cubes for XMLA. How to do that differs for different cube vendors.

Links how to do: Microsoft, SAP and IBM.

A common problem for Microsoft OLAP Pumps is that the default values for queue handling in IIS is not appropriate for this type of usage. Look here how to change, FAQ #13.

After that, in Performance Canvas Admin UI, go to the Data source Tab and add your data source(s) by right mouse clicking on the top node then entering the url to your cube(s) (for example explode the tree and check the cube(s) you want available. Enter name and security context for each cube in the right pane. Our Microsoft demo cubes are configured with anonymous access to the cube. This is achieved by configuring the OLAP pump with anonymous access and giving the NT account used for anonymous access read access to the cube.

Don't forget that the data sources need to be named in a way that is easy to understand for your business users!

Read more about this in the Administration console, data sources reference documentation.

After gaining access to your data the next steps are to

  1. Create your first slicers. See Create a slicer to learn more about this.
  2. Create your first gems. See Create a gem to learn more.
  3. Create your first canvas and publish it. See Creating a new canvas.

To let more people in your organization access the Canvases, Gems and Slicers you've built you need to go through the approval process (requires approval admin priviliges). This is performed in the Administration console.

see also →
Administration console reference documentation
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